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By December 17, 2018

Back to school season is always a time of year where parents take a big hit in expenses. Having to purchase school supplies, invest in daycare, and pay for expenses related to schooling or tutoring, costs add up rather quickly. Thankfully, there are ways to recoup some of those costs come tax time. Canadians may

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By December 3, 2018

If you’re wondering how legal marijuana will be taxed, we’re hoping to clear up some of the confusion. In accordance with the 2018-2019 Canada federal budget, there are established guidelines regarding how cannabis will be taxed. Any low-THC oils or low-THC therapeutic products will not be subject to tax. Thus, this would include any CBD

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By November 22, 2018

BC’s 2018-2019 budget is the first issued by an NDP-led BC government since 2001. As we’re in the heart of it, we thought it fit to recap a few of the bigger points that are guiding the provincial economy right now. Shelter Assistance For The Elderly Low-income seniors who rent are going to see sufficient

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